Seeking Psychiatric Help With Self-Improvement Issues

The most important relationship for us to develop is the one we share with ourselves. — Genevieve Gellert, LSW

We are all a work in progress with an end in mind of becoming a better version of ourselves. However, as we work things out for our personal growth and development, it is inevitable for us to experience some ordeals in life. These trials determine our endurance; they can make or break us.


Overcoming life’s challenges bring significant changes in our life, which are mainly associated with self- improvement. It is expected from us that alongside with growth, comes self- improvement, wherein as we wrestle with life, we should also be improving in every aspect. Self- improvement implies maturity, which enables us to deal with things with the right attitude, feelings, and behavior. Self-Improvement positively enhances our outlook on life.

However, some people, instead of improving themselves, unfortunately, experience the other way around. These individuals think of themselves as a failure and unworthy to be recognized, that they do not see the maturity in their actions and often makes decisions that would only fail in the end. Unfortunately, this could result in self-doubt and become emotionally challenged because of the thought that there is nothing right ever happening in their lives.

Tonight, before you go to sleep- think about how you want to spend your time this weekend.  Maybe even write out a plan for yourself. — Colleen Mullen, PsyD LMFT

This kind of situation makes it difficult for a person to go on in life; it is like losing the will to live because one might think that there is no longer hope of improving one’s self. For people who are experiencing this dilemma, they find it difficult to express what they feel because they are afraid of scrutiny of their failures; thus, they become withdrawn and distant.


Speak Out Your Mind


Seeking guidance and help from someone having psychiatric expertise allows the person to vent out his frustrations towards himself. Talking to a psychiatrist will help you deal with feelings and changed behavior caused by the situation. Psychiatric consultation does not necessarily denote the presence of mental illness. Instead, confiding to a psychiatrist enables you to express yourself and lets you release the pain.

Talk Therapy entails the exploration of emotions, probing avoidances, and examining an experience that will help the psychiatrist understand your whole being. This also allows you to speak up about your thoughts or whatever emotional struggles you have. Through talk therapy, the psychiatrist will help you understand the reason behind your negative behaviors brought about by a lack of self-improvement.

BetterHelp is a good venue to unload your worries. It can help you attain a clearer and calmer mind.

We set up a compassionate, understanding relationship that acknowledges their emotional pain, and assures them they are not alone in facing it. — Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT

What To Expect

Submitting yourself into psychiatric consultation would bring out a positive turn out just because the mere fact that you decided to ask for help is a positive sign of self-improvement. This only means that despite the feeling of failure and struggles, you still are still determined to figure out how you can improve yourself and adopt the possible changes in life.


Lastly, bear in mind that the psychiatrist will only serve as the vessel to help you in your journey. The real captain of the ship is you. Your commitment towards improving your outlook in life solely depends on your determination to take proactive steps. The psychiatrist is an expert on their way, therefore take this opportunity to be directed and educated on how to change your life.