Losing Your Self-Esteem? Here Are Tips To Conquer It

A commonly held belief about lack of success is insufficient confidence  to go after success.  Another is a perception of  low self-esteem holding one back. — Colleen Mullen, PsyD LMFT

Self-esteem is one factor that defines a person. Abraham Maslow indicated in his Human Needs Theory that this should be accomplished before reaching the last stage which is self-actualization. Failure to do so can lead to some psychological abnormalities that can also affect the person’s lives and those around them. Building self-esteem is a life-long process. It should start as early as childhood and extends although out of adulthood.  If you are having some problems with your self-confidence, read more on how to develop your self-esteem. 

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Learn And Understand Your Best Quality. Pessimism and doubts brought about by failure make us lose sight of our qualities. We forget about what have we have achieved, how much knowledge and skills we have learned, the amount of experience we gained to become adequate, the strength of character that we possessed and the capability to make accomplishments. It’s time to revisit these qualities and list them down. You will be amazed that you have these in you and just not showing it to the world. 

To this end, everyone hopes to harness all the power they know they have somewhere inside them; the question is, how? — Donna Rockwell, Psy.D.

Make A Positive Affirmation. Every morning, face the mirror and say to the person looking at you “I am self-efficient,” “I learn and work hard for it, so I am confident that I can win over challenges and difficulties.” Positive intrapersonal communication boosts your self-confidence and will guide you in your undertakings. 

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Take Pride In Yourself And Take The Challenge. Challenge yourself and go outside your comfort zone. Things may not have been done so great, but at least you’ve made a smaller step forward. After doing it a few more times, eventually, there will be an improvement in your performance. Find what you want to do, challenge yourself to be good at it and not necessarily to be perfect at it. Do small things and take little steps to reach your goal. Whatever you can do, be proud of it. Goals don’t have to be something big. Make it clear, attainable, and realistic. 


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others. Other people’s successes and accomplishments should serve as inspiration not a deterrent to your own life. When we compete with others, we learn to criticize and become unpleasant to others and ourselves. Everyone walks on a different path, we create our own stories, and we design our success. Focus on what you can do and be good at it. 

It’s one thing to appreciate that other people are beautiful in their unique, interesting and real shapes and sizes. It can be so much harder to do this for ourselves. — Robyn E. Brickel, M.A., LMFT

Compliment Yourself And Acknowledge Accomplishments. The fact alone that you could do it on your means that you are a strong, capable person. You’ve gotten through the worst case you’re a tough cookie. Efforts deserve recognition. Give yourself credit for all your time and hard work. Compliments gain confidence. Get yourself a self- esteem boost, and make yourself a compliment. Be amplified and build that trust in yourself. 


Be At Your Best And Feel Better. Adopt a positive lifestyle that will make you happier every day. Improve your everyday health and wellness. Make sure to eat a healthy diet to fuel your system, increase your energy level through, and boost the production of feel-good chemicals in your brain. Take the benefit of an adequate and proper amount of sleep. Make improvements in your life by spending quality time with family, friends, and partners. Good relationships can inspire us to be better. 

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Developing self-esteem is not an overnight thing. For some, it can be a walk in the park while others may require coaching and counseling to achieving the right amount of self-confidence that will walk us through life. It’s not too late to improve this aspect of your life. Take the first step now and see how this will turn your life around. 

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