Counseling For All The Bridget Joneses In The World

I had been hearing about Bridget Jones and her diary for at least a decade. My friends said that it was the best movie if you wanted to laugh or cry. I even watched some TV shows the talked about the film, and the characters shared my friends, thoughts about it. Still, since I was not interested in rom-coms too much, I put it off for a long time.

Then, one Sunday evening, I already finished watching Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and was still so pumped to fall asleep, so I looked for something else to watch. As I was browsing through my streaming platform, I saw the Bridget Jones’s Diary title in the selection. Thinking that it would be too dull to keep me awake, I decided to play it.


Thoughts About The Movie

The movie was created in the early 2000s, so I did not expect much about the video quality, even if I watched it on a 4K TV. As for the opening scene, it seemed like a sweet party of family and friends. Then, Bridget started narrating her inner thoughts, talking about how her mother would practically push her to every middle-aged single man in the room because she was a 30-something single woman with weight problems.

When I heard that, I immediately thought, How narrow-minded. Many women these days remain single even after they turn 30, and people celebrate them, especially when they are using their time to build their careers and become more financially independent. But in the movie, Bridget had to deal with getting ridiculed for being single at that age despite her blossoming career.

Fast forwarding the movie a little, Bridget Jones got a boyfriend in the form of her boss in the publishing company. The guy was hot – no doubt about it – and he always seemed sweet and hot for Bridget. But there was something off about him – he was always shady when it came to relationship talks.


Thinking about it from a counselor’s perspective, that shadiness should have been a telltale sign that the man was hiding something. It turned out to be correct, considering Bridget found a naked woman in his house mere hours after they parted ways. It meant that her boss was only playing with her – and possibly with every other woman who would fall for his charms. She left his place utterly devastated.

Issues With Bridget Jones’s Way Of Thinking

The thing is, Bridget Jones managed to move on from that failed relationship with her boss. She went on to have a relationship with a man whose mother initially tried to pair up with her in the opening scene. However, that new relationship was far from ideal either, and it made me feel like it happened because of her unresolved insecurities.

As I mentioned above, Bridget has practically been called fat or considered herself fat and undesirable throughout the movie. Because of that, when her handsome boss flirted with her for the first time, she jumped on that wagon immediately, perhaps believing that that’s a chance of a lifetime. They were only flirting for a few days, and she already agreed to sleep with him and then expected a serious relationship with him.


In reality, I had met a lot of women who acted like Bridget Jones. They were also intelligent and pretty, but they did not find themselves desirable, so they would stop using their brains as soon as a gorgeous fellow would try to make them feel special. However, in their desperation to feel wanted, they end up unaware of the guy’s true intentions until the truth hits them in the face.

Another issue that I did not see fans talk about much in the forums was Bridget’s passivity. You see, throughout the movie, they had a family friend who she called ‘Uncle’ Geoffrey. This older man would always squeeze her butt, and Bridget looked visibly uncomfortable because of it, but she never told him off. Instead, she would wait for others to swat him.

If this movie was set in the 2010s, people might call it as it was: a form of molestation. I believe it was Bridget’s passivity that made the sleazy man continue to get away with his actions. If she got mad and expressed her disdain towards Mr. Butt Squeezer out loud, he would have stopped doing that a long time ago.


Counseling Tips For All The Bridget Jones Out There

Being compared to Bridget Jones can be a good thing, considering she is a smart and successful woman. She does not need a man to support her financially; she has enough determination to achieve her goals. However, it can also be a negative thing since Bridget can be insecure, passive, and desperate for affection.

If you want to keep the former traits and reduce the latter, you need to develop your self-worth. Try not to let your weight and overall appearance dictate your value as a woman – doing the opposite will give others a chance to walk all over you. If possible, assess every situation and be wary of deceitful people who want to take advantage of you using the most lethal weapon of all: affection.

Given that Bridget Jones went on to have more movies about her life and her relationship mishaps, that’s proof that your journey won’t be easy-peasy. But if you want to take a shortcut and reduce your chances of dealing with another heartbreak, please feel free to see a counselor soon.