What To Do When You See No Future For Yourself


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 Fear is a big motivator, but it can also be a big reinforcement not to actually get much accomplished. — John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Losing hope for the future is a terrible thing to experience. For any number of reasons, you can’t see the path that lies ahead and you believe that there is nothing left to look forward to in life, which can lead to depression, ill behaviors such as addiction, and suicidal ideation. Just because you can’t see it, however, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a future waiting for you. Here is what you should do when you see no future for yourself.

First off, we should get negative things out of the way and seek counseling for depression, or seek help with addiction. Once these are out of the way, you can think more clearly and re-focus. Continue reading “What To Do When You See No Future For Yourself”

Forgive Yourself… And Move On

People we love suffer and die and our life dreams do not always come true. — Danielle B. Grossman, MFT

Who honestly thinks seeing an online therapist would help solve their problems? For most, they dislike the idea of visiting a therapist as they think it’s a waste of time and energy. It’s not as crazy as you would think why people think this way; they really think therapists won’t give them the answers they need and tend to push their problems to the back of their mind. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to work because your wrong-doings will forever be in your life?

Why Not Consider Online Therapy?

It’s important to forgive yourself so that you can move on and be happy in your life but how to do just that? Well, it might be wise to consider seeing an online therapist. Now, therapy is a great idea simply because it can be a simple way to find out why you are angry or upset with yourself. It could be you accidentally said something to someone that you now regret or wronged them in another way. Whatever it is, you need to be able to forgive yourself and move on. With therapy, you can find a simpler outlet to your issues and find a better way to forgive yourself and move on with your life. Continue reading “Forgive Yourself… And Move On”

5 Self Improvement Tips

Will online counseling really help you improve? In a sense, self-improvement is confusing because it seems so complex and yet it’s actually pretty simple! Being able to improve yourself can, in fact, make you a better person and it’s possible to even enjoy life slightly more. Looking at ways to improve who you are isn’t such a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be so over the top either. Read on to find just five self-improvement tips to get your life on the right tracks once again.

Continue reading “5 Self Improvement Tips”