8 Practical Ways To Overcome Your Depression Today

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One of the many reasons why online therapy has become an enormous hit to troubled individuals is its promise of giving help anywhere the person may be. That is something that conventional therapists cannot provide, considering they want to meet the client first before they offer any advice. Thus, the ones suffering from depression who also do not want to risk being seen by their acquaintances in a mental health facility tend to keep to themselves without getting psychological assistance at all.

Now, regardless of who you turn to, you should know that everyone will say that your healing will depend on you. So, here are some practical ways you can try to overcome depression today.

Bring Out The Child In You

Depression can make you look old or feel old because it’s a fact that depressed people have only three facial expressions: frowning, angry, and poker face. For you to be able to get out of it, you need to try to go back down the memory lane and do again what makes you happy when you were still a kid. After all, those were the untainted, innocent things that you did before you had all the materials that money can buy. Once you manage to do so, you can start getting out of the depressive abyss.

Pain and fear accumulate over time, weighing us down like an anchor we drag everywhere we go, from relationship to relationship. — Stuart B. Fensterheim, LCSW

Confide To A Stranger

I’ve done this before, and it’s absolutely true. I chatted up an old lady on the bus whom I’ve never seen or met anywhere before, and I was able to tell her about my significant worries. E.g., feeling scared to say to my parents or friends about my decision to quit college and thinking that they might misunderstand me. But you know what? I felt so much lighter afterward. Sometimes, problems are easier to talk about with strangers because they are like blank slates; they’re very objective, until such time that you confide to them.

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Chemicals are not the only things that can be poisonous to a person; there’s too much work, family problems, or even an annoying colleague that might try to bring you down. If you are overly depressed with any of these, go out of town for a few days or retreat to a place where you won’t be able to see any of the things that I’ve mentioned above so that your troubled mind can have the chance to relax and detoxify.

By showing only the parts of yourself that you think look best to others, you hide other pieces which are equally important and valid. — Vicki Botnick, MA, MS, LMFT

Eat Healthier

People say that you have to look good to feel good. That’s why if you’re depressed, you need to watch your food intake. Without a doubt, you’ll be depressed more if you feel that you can’t button up your pants anymore or your arms can’t even get into the armholes of your once loose shirt. So, chop, chop on the carbs and fatty foods, folks!

Exercise Regularly

Burning off your excess energy to the massive and sweat-stimulating equipment in the gym or doing yoga can help you relax your mind and have a lighter outlook in life. Do it regularly to become fit not just in the body department but also in the brain department.

Experience The Bliss Of Quietude

There are times when a person has to retreat in the comforts of quietude to be able to get back on their feet. If you’re someone who has stumbled on the rocky part of life and you’re having a hard time in standing up, try to stay tranquil for a few moments so that you can clear your foggy mind. After you’ve done that, you’ll feel much better.

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Fix Minor Problems

One primary reason why people go into a state of depression or severe anxiety is that they have a lot of overlapping problems that they don’t know anymore which one to handle first and which one can wait. I suggest that you take a deep breath and fish out the minor problems first before you start tackling the bigger ones so that all your worries will be gone in no time.

What I’m suggesting is you have to be your team captain, your best player, and your most enthusiastic fan base. — Andrea L. Bell, LCSW, SEP

Free Your Emotions

Technically speaking, the ones who can’t talk to anyone about what’s bothering them are the ones who fall deep into depression. If you’re not ready to tell someone about it then at least try to find another outlet for your kept emotions. You can shout at the top of your lungs or break all your kitchen wares on the wall if the sound of the crashing glasses and porcelains can make you feel better. Make sure that you’ll throw away all your heartaches with any of them so that you won’t have to do it again.

Final Thoughts

Depression is supposed to be an incurable mental health illness according to the medical experts. There is no drug available that can get rid of it; the therapists need to try different treatments as well for every patient. What they hardly emphasize, though, is the fact that the cure is within the troubled individual.

Follow the suggestions above to start healing from depression.